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Family: Chic Daywear
Name: Juicy Fruit
Type: Dresses
Size: 14 to 16(UK) 42 to 44(EU)
Material: chiffon with silk lining
Designer: none
Price: 75 £

1960\'s Chiffon Citrus print dress

A juicy fruit of a dress made to make your mouth water..Swirly girly and versatile of size..Pull the waist in with the sash or wear it sixties style as a cute hairband.. Bias cut, flattering and downright cheery.

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Family: Chic Daywear
Name: SOLD
Type: Dresses
Size: 10(UK) 38(EU)
Material: Rayon
Designer: None
Price: 0 £

Amazing 1940's polka dot net dress with gorgeous underskirt, fabulous pleating & pretty bakelite buttons

Wow, wow, wow..This is 1940's polka day dress and a half! The fabulous pleating flatters the figure a treat & pretty bakelite buttons with underskirt & dinky belt amount to one fabulously individual looking dress. Perfect for a family visit. So sweet and demure. His mother will approve!

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Family: Chic Daywear
Name: Boho Butterfly
Type: Dresses
Size: 10-14 (elasticated waist and free hips)(UK) 10-14 (elasticated waist and free hips)(EU)
Material: 100% silk with rayon lining
Designer: Unamed
Price: 0 £

1070's silk sumptuousness with amazing butterfly print

1970's Boho Butterfly..An ethereal multi-coloured joy.. Gorgeous boatneck with pretty shoulder ties and the most amazing butterfly print in pure soft silk. An on-trend summer frock to take you through the party season in fluttering floaty elegance!

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Family: Chic Daywear
Name: Tootsie Tartan
Type: Dresses
Size: 8-10 (need a small bust but hips are generous)(UK) 36-38 (need a small bust but the hips are generous)(EU)
Material: cotton jersey on the top /wool mix for the skirt
Designer: Furtsenberg
Price: 95 £

1960's tartan and red mini dress with central zip from the waist to hem

1960's tartan and red mini-dress by Furstenberg..Very cute and sexy Twiggyesque look! Buttons on the cuff are 1930's replacements but they add a certain je ne sais quoi!

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